Why Do I Need SEO?

Why would a website need SEO?

The majority of web traffic is generated through the giants of the search engine world – Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.  Although hard to imagine, YouTube is actually now the second biggest search engine after Google, and social media sites like Facebook have continually been increasing in ranks as they grow into super-high-traffic sites that also include search functions. For most standard Internet users, search engines provide the primary mode of navigation through the world wide web. Traffic is generated via search engines for any type of site, including information-only sites, and product-selling sites.

To any publicly available website, search engines provide the invaluable service of targeted traffic. People search for your product or service specifically, and the search engine provides them with a list of sites that relate to their searches.  If your site is not found on search engines, or your site ranks lowly in the results (meaning the user must sift through too any results to find you), the loss of engagement from the outside world is going to be unmistakable.

Traffic to your site is one of the most vital aspects of the online world. Why have a website, unless you can drive traffic to it? And, amid the billion(s) of websites out there, how does yours stand out from the pack?  SEO can drastically improve your site’s prominence in the results page. And, as the ultimate goal is always to be the first result on the first page, SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) are the only ways to get there.

There are few marketing options available to a business looking to promote itself, which would have as much of an impact in today’s digital world as SEO.  A successful SEO campaign can produce results for months, if not years to come.