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SEO Can Be Free – An Intro to Do-it-Yourself SEO

The science of SEO is complicated and requires technical know-how in an ever-increasing body of knowledge.  But, most people with some Internet experience can at least learn enough of the basics to understand how it works, and what they can do from home to improve it.  You don’t have to learn everything, just the key aspects which make up the foundations of basic SEO.  There are many free or paid resources online that offer lessons and tutorials on basic-to-advanced SEO.  When used pragmatically, a little SEO knowledge can go a long way.

Learning about SEO will also help you understand the work that you ultimately pay companies like Enternet to produce for you. Although most clients simply go on auto-pilot as we provide an extensive analysis and execute the SEO project in pieces, it would be to your benefit to understand what we are doing and why.  In a lot of cases, the client completes some of the work on their own, and hires us to do more complex and time-intensive portions of the project.

Because SEO companies differ in expertise and focus, it also helps to have a rudimentary knowledge of Internet marketing in order to best decide if you want to focus on something particular (such as social media, or Google AdWords) or to have everything done in a broad fashion.